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The renewables industry harnesses power from the sun, wind, water and biofuels to produce green energies. The move away from using the finite fossil fuels continues to gather momentum, with projects around the world embracing their natural landscape and resources.
We work on large-scale projects to connect equipment, create distribution networks, and link up to wider, national power grids.
We offer a varied assortment of cables including specialist industry cables for solar, onshore wind, offshore wind turbines, hydroelectric dams, and biomass plants. A typical wind farm includes cables for electricity and data transfer, a substation and possibly a high voltage line for connecting the farm to the national grid.

Wind power is based on converting kinetic energy in air currents into electrical energy. In addition to being a form of renewable energy, it creates no emissions in the air, soil or water.

Trio Global Kabel products are low & medium-voltage cables especially well-suited for use in wind farm energy transfer networks. They can be installed directly into the ground both on the shoreline and on terracing protruding outwards from the shore. Our cables can also be used in repeatedly and continuously wet soil. The halogen-free and flame-retardant power cables in our product range are an economical true solution for all types of wind farms, including those intended for the challenging wicked environments. The cables connect the individual turbines together and allows electricity to be transferred to a local or national distribution network.

The use of photovoltaic systems has been an important pillar of renewable energy for many years – they make a vast, reliable contribution to the energy revolution so that solutions to the challenges posed by climate change can be effectively found. Photovoltaics have a wide range of uses, from major energy plants to domestic applications.

By combining our knowledge of cable construction along with the installation design and environment, we can deliver a solution encompassing cables and matching cable accessories alongside technical support and expert logistics to ensure timely delivery to global sites.