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Code of conduct

Compliance with Laws 

Every employee at our company must comply with all applicable laws and regulations in his or her environment, as well as internal instructions.

International Business

When we operate across borders, we comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations – here at home and abroad.

When dealing with customers from abroad –as a supplier or consumer, during visits or discussions – we have to actively inform ourselves about which rules, laws or directives apply in this regard and then comply with them accordingly. We respect all laws, rules and regulations, including anti-trust and competition laws.

Subornation and Corruption

We do not tolerate any illegal favourable treatment in the form of bribery or similar activities. We accept business courtesies only to the extent that they are in line with standard business practices – and even then, only if they do not have any influence on the business decision. Bribes and cartel agreements are not a means for us to obtain a contract. We would rather forgo a contract and the achievement of internal goals than act against the law. Infringements are not tolerated and result in sanctions against the persons concerned. 

All directors, all executives and all other employees must be aware of the exceptional risks which a corruption or anti-trust case can mean for the company, as well as for them personally. Every employee is urged to actively participate in complying with these regulations in his or her area of responsibility.

Money Laundering Prevention

We fulfil its legal obligations to prevent money laundering and does not participate in money laundering activities. Each employee is required to have unusual financial transactions assessed in cases of doubt by the competent Finance department., in particular those which include cash that might substantiate a suspicion of money laundering.

Acting Responsibly

For us, responsible action is not based exclusively on laws and regulations, but also on the conscientiousness of the individual and the standards that are defined in these guidelines.

Avoidance of Conflicts of Interest

At our company, business decisions are taken exclusively in the best interests of the company. Conflicts of interest involving private matters or various economic or other activities, also involving family members or other closely associated individuals or organisations, should be avoided from the outset. If they nevertheless occur, they should be resolved in accordance with law and order and the applicable corporate guidelines. The prerequisite for this is the transparent disclosure of the conflict.

Customer Relationships

We take care of our customers over the long term. We secure their loyalty by earning their confidence in us. We attempt to anticipate what our customers need – before they ask for it. We do everything possible to offer our customers the best service. We treat everyone fairly and with the same degree of respect and courtesy, regardless of the volume of business.

Correct Market Conduct

We outmatch our competitors through superior performance, not through the use of unfair or dishonest practices. We do not distort or conceal the facts or truth. Nor do we use any information to which we are not entitled to gain an unfair advantage over our competitors. We act fairly, honestly and in good faith towards everyone with whom we are involved: customers, business partners, competitors, suppliers, the public and colleagues.

Employee Culture

We consider our employees to be the most important factor in the success of our company. Only through the application of professional and social skills, as well as the creativity and energy of all employees, can we achieve the highest common aim of customer satisfaction and the retention of jobs over the long term. This is why the motivation of our employees is our declared corporate philosophy. Of course, this also includes trustworthiness to the statutory minimum income.

Equal Treatment and Equal Opportunities

A culture of equal opportunities, mutual trust and mutual respect is of major significance to us. We promote equal opportunities and prevent discrimination when recruiting employees and promoting or granting education and training measures. We treat all employees equally, regardless of their sex, age, skin colour, culture, ethnical origin, sexual orientation, any disability, religious affiliation or world view. Discrimination, bullying and harassment are not tolerated by us. Should such cases nevertheless occur, we encourage each other to speak about them.

Dealing with Customers and Suppliers

The relationships with our customers and suppliers are based on mutual respect, fairness and trust. We always strive for a reliable long-term relationship and therefore always maintain fair and open communication in our dealings and expect the same from our business partners. We pursue clean and recognised business practices and fair competition.


We would like to convince our customers with a flawless performance at all times. We therefore focus on all levels on the highest quality standards. To this end we introduced a quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001. This enables us to repeatedly find measurable parameters for the identification of potential improvements, derive appropriate measures and assess their effectiveness. In this way we want to achieve the highest aim, namely the sustainable satisfaction of our customers.

Occupational Health and Safety

In addition to the quality of our products and economic success, the health and safety of our employees are a corporate goal which is of equal importance. Occupational health and safety are an integral part of all business operations and are integrated from the very beginning – even in the planning phase in our technical, economic and social considerations. Each of our employees promotes health and safety in their working environment and adheres to the rules on health and safety at work. Every manager is obliged to instruct and support their employees in assuming this responsibility.


We think across various divisions and countries and see our company as a unit. It is especially important for us to listen, openly discuss topics, actively obtain different opinions and search for solutions together. The best solution is created by exchanging different points of view. We criticise objectively and not personally.

Insider Information

We only use insider information for the purpose for which it was originally made available to us. We carefully determine whether the information is insider knowledge and then only forward such information to those that actually need it for their work. This applies to everyone within and outside S. In doing so, we are guided by our internal rules and regulations.

Confidentiality of Customer Data

Our customers rely on us to keep their information secure and to use it only for the agreed purposes. We apply the highest standards of information security. As a result, we ensure that our customers' information remains confidential and that their statutory data protection rights are respected. With strict standards and procedures for data security, we ensure that the data cannot be manipulated, is not stolen, does not fall into the wrong hands and cannot become lost or destroyed. We disclose information about our customers only if our customers explicitly agree to this.

Conflict Metals

We have received written statements from our suppliers to the effect that the products delivered to us do not contain any so-called conflict metals

Free of Harmful Substances according to RoHS

Free of harmful substances according to RoHS II Directive 2011/65/EU and the German Ordinance on Hazardous Substances (GefStoffV) Annex IV, Section 24.

Our cables are free of harmful substances and comply with Directive 2011/65/EU and the German Ordinance on Hazardous Sub-stances (GefStoffV) Annex IV, Section 24 Flame Retardants.

Further information about the Code of Conduct is also available to all employees and third parties (customers, suppliers, etc.) from the central email address  

Information about possible violations of laws or guidelines from the fields of anti-trust law and corruption that affect people and companies within the Trio Global Kabel can be reported. All information will be kept strictly confidential.

The Administration