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About us

Trio Global Kabel evolution has been founded on the premises that the key to success in business comes from continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.Professionalism, efficiency, reliability, positive attitude and determination are the key traits for our company, guiding us in our daily work – how we relate to people, various cultures and how we do business worldwide.Our viewpoints are for inventive results like quality, customer service and a deep understanding of the industries and applications in which our products are in the assortment.

We manufacture Results

Experience permits us to deliver high quality cables for domestic and international market sunder any kind of regulation or technical specification.Since the company was founded, we focused on finding the best solutions, to take fast decision, and to have a very competent management skill.Our goal is to ensure consumers that they can have confidence in our products due their superior technical characteristics and their availability. 

We at Trio Global Kabel see ourselves as cables supplier and service provider - in the sense of real partnership and customer-oriented:

The connection between the customer or the sales representative and the product specialists to help design the product.

Offer the offer to the customers, complete with the product specifications, the delivery time / delivery on request.

Follow-up of the offer.

Processes Customer Purchase Orders.

Coordinating procurement to accelerate timely processing of the job in accordance with customer requirements and company standards.

Coordinates communication between external and internal customer in terms of delivery or any other questions the customer may have.

Provides customers with order status / delivery dates.

Tracking with the customer when delivering and satisfying the customer's sales order.

Support for market development, customer profiles, cold calls, etc.

Assistance in special projects and other miscellaneous tasks, as assigned.

If our clients have not found the solution for their cable’s applications in our catalogs, then our technical staff will help you to establish and develop a solution together.


Is to have the best solution, design, service and maintenance to be a strong partner for our worldwide customers.


Is to be leader in customer satisfaction, high quality products and balance between price and performance.


Is to have - Quick response to customers, short delivery terms, intelligent solutions for all industries cable applications, which gives customers the bespoke support, with a visible development and experience.

Trio Global Kabel is a global provider of cable products, solutions and services for all sectors and industries:  System’s for power transmission and distribution, low - medium and high voltage cables for the construction and infrastructure sectors,oil - gas & chemical industries, comprehensive range of optical fibres, copper or aluminium cables, video and data transmission for the telecommunications sector, underground and submarine cables, On & Off Shore, Lift & Crane , Marine & Shipyards , data communication & networks, healthcare, process industry, transportation, energy & infrastructure, factory automation, machinery & sensors,Steel & Foundry ,Mining & Tunneling. 

However, what he did know back then was just how important quality, service and innovation are for the corporate success. Our industrial philosophy axes on supplying products with sizable additional value. We therefore focus on high-tech innovation and advanced design in line with the industrial strategies of the largest companies, applications and projects.

We Connect your business, Anytime, Anywhere