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Military and aerospace technology offer a wide range of possible applications for cables. They are used in backplanes, navigation systems, radar systems or for in-flight entertainment, also in door controls, instruments control, motors control, brake control systems or in oxygen masks, plug connections of various designs can be found.

Our portfolio of defense standard cables is extremely diverse and comprises power, control and instrumentation cables, telecommunications cables. Our international defense standard cable portfolio meets the strictest requirements from a range of national defense standards including German VG, British Def Stan, French NF, and American MILSPEC.

Our cables are designed to withstand low temperatures at high altitude and near the poles, high-temperature in variable environments such as those found in the desert and combat situations. They have also been designed to resist offshore conditions and the sea’s corrosive environment.

We design custom cable that turns your exact end application's request, custom designed cables from conductor to composite cable.

When developing a custom designed cable, the mechanical, environmental, electrical and electromagnetic constraints of the application need to be considered.

• Mechanical parameter: resistance to flexing, torsion, vibration, shock, abrasion, space saving, etc.
• Environmental and climatic parameter: temperature, humidity, salt spray, resistance to oil and fluids, sterilization, radiation, fire, etc.
• Electrical and electromagnetic parameter: frequencies, capacity, losses, resistance, high data rates, power, electromagnetic compatibility, etc.